Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL | Public Call for Project ProposalsTokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL | Public Call for Project Proposals



1. Genre
Music, play, dance, visual art such as painting and sculpture, photography, literature, media arts (e.g. video art, comic, anime, and game), traditional performing art, lifestyle culture (e.g. the tea ceremony, the Japanese art of flower arrangement, Japanese calligraphy, and cuisine culture), fashion, architecture, and multiple art activities not limited to any particular genre
2. Contents

Proposals are expected to have objects as follows:

  • Impactful creation
    Providing quality which promotes Tokyo as metropolis brimming with cultural attractions, raising challenging impression to lead arts and culture in the 21st century, being artistic and topical, and being able to appeal to inside and outside Japan
  • Involvement of any and all people
    Being opened to anyone regardless of generation, nationality, and/or disability to participate, having well-planned participation scheme or program so as to provide participants with a memorable experience
  • Expansion of the potential of the arts
    Challenging to expand the new potential of art by addressing social issues, being able to raise a question to society from the unique viewpoints of the arts
3. Scale of project
The cost of a commissioned project itself is limited from millions to 200million yen. However, the total scale of project, which includes other funds such as support money or own funds, is not limited in this range.
4. Location
Tokyo metropolitan district
  • A proposal should include where to perform a project.
  • A proposal not specifying place but indicating conditions or scale of the place is also acceptable, e.g. "an outdoor space with an area of XX square meters" or "an indoor venue with a capacity of YY people".
  • After an application passes the first examination, review on feasibility and arrangements will be made for a venue together with the Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL Project Proposals Secretariat, such as an available location, period, methods of use, and alternative solutions. This also applies to the use of facilities owned by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (i.e. the metropolitan office buildings, parks, and halls).
5. Period
An idea/plan is to be implemented between the autumn of 2019 and September 2020.
6. Terms and Conditions
All applicants must agree to the terms and conditions before submitting their application.
● Ineligible Activities
  • Any idea/plan that aims to propagate or claim religious or political messages
  • Any idea/plan that mainly aims to sell exhibits, products or others

Basic Selection Policy

Applications will be examined in terms of feasibility, challenging attitude such as innovativeness and creativity, adherence to the concept of the cultural programs of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and contribution for creating legacy which the Tokyo Metropolitan Government intends to make for the future after 2020. Each idea/plan is expected not to be a mere event but to contribute to an improved creative environment for arts and culture in Tokyo in 2020 onward. To be specific, the following will be taken into account.

<Points of examination>

(1) Contribution for creating legacy which the Tokyo Metropolitan Government intends to make for the future after 2020

◎ Ideal form of legacy

  • Increase opportunities for citizens to experience arts and culture
  • Revitalize local economy and enhance tourism
  • Gain international acclaim of Tokyo as a city of artistic and cultural attractions
  • Development of human resources, art/cultural groups and others
  • Contribution of arts and culture power to solve
(2) Adherence to the concept of the cultural programs led by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government
◎ The concept of the cultural programs led by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Execute the best cultural programs in history in accordance with the Olympic spirit and pass down cultural legacies after 2020 to make Tokyo the top cultural city in the world.
  • Transmit Tokyo culture with originality and diversity including the coexistence of tradition and modernity to the world and proactively promote international artistic/cultural exchanges.
  • Create opportunities for participation and exchanges among all people including the disabled, the elderly, children, and people from other countries.
  • Promote artistic/cultural activities with new concepts and develop human resources responsible for the next generation.
  • Generate a cultural festive mood in the whole Tokyo.
  • Unite efforts through cooperation with the national government, other local authorities,artistic/cultural groups, and others.
  • (3) Innovativeness, creativity, and a new challenge in light of the future after 2020
  • (4) An idea/plan can be implemented in 2020 or 2019
  • (5) An idea/plan is executed and showcased in Tokyo Metropolitan district
  • (6) An idea/plan is reasonably feasible
  • (7) An application stating clear the achievement of goals (i.e. it has a viewpoint of self-estimation)