Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL | Public Call for Project ProposalsTokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL | Public Call for Project Proposals


Examination Process

A judges' panel is established for examination. Applications will be examined and selected by the judges' panel.

  • 1) Arts Council Tokyo will screen the application documents and attachments before examination.
  • 2) The members of the judges' panel will make first examination upon the application documents which passes the document screening.
  • 3) If the application passes the first examination, applicants might be required to refine their project proposals for the second examination through reviewing the feasibility of the application together with the secretariat.
  • 4) Applicants will then give a presentation and undertake an interview in the second examination. After the deliberation, the proposed ideas/plans will be selected. Details including the value of consignment will be determined after selection.

Examination Results

The results of the first examination and the second examination will be notified via mail in due course.
Selected ideas/plans may be published on the websites and other PR media of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Arts Council Tokyo.

  • PleasPlease note that the notice of results will be delayed, due to the number of applications received and the progress of the examination.
  • Applicants will not be informed of why their applications have been selected or not.(Updated June 14,2018.)

Disclosure of Information Related to Activities

For selected ideas/plans, information such as the project consignee's name, contact information, outline of activities will be published in publicity materials, including on the websites of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Arts Council Tokyo.
The production process of the projects will be documented for the publicity of the Tokyo Cultural Program.