Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL Special 13



“masayume”: Gigantic Face Floated in the Tokyo Sky

Organized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture) as one of the Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL Special 13, “masayume” was produced and curated by 目[mé]. Gigantic face floating in the Tokyo sky was finally unveiled after being postponed for a year.

The contemporary art team 目[mé] has been making a splash with their original and creative works at international art festivals and exhibitions. “masayume” is a project that invites faces from all over the world— regardless of age, gender, or nationality—and floats a selected “face of an existing person” in the sky over Tokyo. The project was conceived out of a dream KOJIN Haruka, the artist of the team, had when she was in junior high school, and it evolved into a spectacle of a gigantic face floating in the familiar sky of Tokyo.
In order to realize the artist’s concept of “delivering the work as an independent experience for each person who encounters it,” the date, time, and location of this project were not announced in advance. Encountering the work by chance is one of the important elements that makes the work possible.
“masayume” aims to be a work of art that doesn’t require a crowd to gather in one place to view it, but can be experienced and shared in different places, times, and environments through various channels such as live streaming, social media, and mass media.
The floating face was roughly the size of a six- or seven-storey building. The face’s model and the method of flotation are not disclosed, based on the artist’s intention.

For more details, please see the press release.