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TOKYO SENTO Festival 2020

A project turning “sento” - Japanese public bathhouses - into a stage that will showcase Japan’s art scene and forge links between people to foster a sense of excitement ahead for the year of 2020. It will involve Japan’s leading artists, including manga and graphic artists, to create the coolest art in the capital’s hottest setting! With Japan’s traditional sento culture as the backdrop, this project will showcase the freshest voices in Japanese arts and culture to the world and cultivate heartwarming exchanges between individuals.


May 26th - September 5th, 2021
Public bathhouses in Tokyo
Participating artists:
Takeru Aoki, Ichio Otsuka, Daijiro Ohara, Kiyomi Hoshi, Mari Yamazaki *Listed in Japanese syllabary order
Sento Mural Supervision :
Mizuki Tanaka
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
Planning and operation:
TOKYO SENTO Festival 2020 Executive Committee(Lead manager:TOKYO SENTO ASSOCIATION)
Cow Brand Soap Kyoshinsha / Meiji Co., Ltd. /ASAHI BREWERIES, LTD. / BEAMS Co., Ltd.
1. Sento Mural Art
Four sento will be the stage of the sento art project, with each one making their own mark in 2020! Supervising this event will be none other than the famous sento artist, Mizuki Tanaka!
  • 1)"Mi-i-tsuketa!" Yu
    Ichio Otsuka@Benten Yu (JR Kichijoji station)
    The art director of NHK Educational channel infant program named "Mi-i-tsuketa!" will produce the sento with "OFUROSKI" and other characters of the program.
  • 2)"Ancient Balaneion no Yu"
    Mari Yamazaki@Hachiman Yu(Odakyu Yoyogi Hachiman station)
    Scenery of an ancient Olympic day drawn by Mari Yamazaki of "Thermae Romae".
  • 3)"Art “Yu”rut"
    Art Brut@ Hagi no Yu(JR Uguisudani station)
    "Art Brut" is an art based on original methods and ideas that are not confined to existing expression methods. “Abundance comes from human connections” will be performed by Takeru Aoki and Kiyomi Hoshi.
  • 4)"Yuransen"
    Daijiro Ohara@ Konparu Yu(JR Shimbashi station)
    A fusion of sento-style paint and contemporary art. Projection mapping will be also boldly used.
2.Noren Art
oren are short curtains that hang in front of sento and other shops to let customers know they are open for business. Special ones designed by the artists will decorate the front of each sento during the festival period at all about 500 bathhouses, so be sure to check them out!
3."Stamp Rally"(Sento Hopping with collection of a series of stamps)
During "Stamp Rally", you can visit around about 500 public baths in Tokyo and earn a specified number of stamps, and you will receive a “TOKYO SENTO Festival 2020 Special Towel”. (End as soon as the stock runs out

* Contents are subject to change.


TOKYO SENTO Festival 2020 Executive Committee
TOKYO SENTO Festival 2020 Executive Committee
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