Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL Special 13




The contemporary art team [mé] will conduct an art project titled masayume, calling for submissions for faces from all nationalities, genders, and age ranges across the globe in order to select “ one existing face" to float up in the sky of Tokyo in2021.
A gigantic face of an existing someone floating up in the sky of Tokyo, on the occasion of human’s largest gathering once in four years. Such devastating scene would allow us to reexamine the unbelievable yet realistic experience of our existence in this huge world. The face floating up in the sky would be nobody special; it could be me or you.
The project was inspired by the scene Haruka Kojin—the artist from the contemporary art team [mé]—had seen in her dream when she was in junior high school. This project will connect the experience and memories of the various people by sharing the essence of the project up to the day a face will actually float in the sky.


  • ●Open Call/ Face Collecting Workshop *This event has finished.

    Mar. 2019 ~Jun. 2019
    Faces were collected from around the world in order to decide the face to float
    in the sky of Tokyo 2020.

  • ●Face Meeting *This event has finished.

    An open discussion was held in order to discuss “What kind of face should float up in the summer sky of Tokyo 2020?”

    6/23 (sun) 13:00 – 19:00,2019
  • ●Face floats in the sky

    A gigantic face will float up in several places in Tokyo , which then finally the selected face will be disclosed

    Summer 2021
  • Organizers:
    Tokyo Metropolitan Government Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
    Planning and Production:

    Supported by:
    P3 art and environment



The core members of this contemporary art team are artist Haruka Kojin, director Kenji Minamigawa, and installer Hirofumi Masui. Through an approach to team-based creation that taps into each member’s individual skills and talents, [mé] uses a variety of techniques in a diverse array of genres to realize artworks that manipulate perceptions of the physical world. Their installations provoke awareness of the inherent unreliability and uncertainty in the world around us.

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