Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL Special 13



The Speed of Light

A theatrical project directed by Marco Canale, a theater and a film director from Argentina. He will conduct some research in Tokyo and build up this play based on interviews with elderly people living there, focusing on their memories and experiences as well as the history which ties them to Tokyo. The project will be developed centering on the theatrical performance which will be performed by local seniors, and complemented with short videos and a documentary movie to spotlight Tokyo from various angles and allow audiences to imagine its future.


  • Tour-type Performance

    Part play, part tour, this production saw the audience visit a number of Tokyo neighborhoods in the company of 12 performers, all residents of the metropolis
    aged 65 or above.
    During his research in Tokyo, Argentinian theater and film director Marco Canale interviewed elderly people living in the capital about their life stories. He then wove these into a work of fiction in the form of a the-atrical production featuring the performances of local seniors, centered on the intertwined worlds of past, present, and future. A film version was produced at the same time.

    Planning, Playwright, Director, Cast: Marco Canale

    Executive Producer: Giorgina Mesiano

    Noh Theatre Supervisor: Tamon Sasaki

    Singing Supervisor: Yasuno Miyauchi (Tsumugine)

    Japanese Traditional Music Supervisor: Kiyoko Motegi (Japanese music researcher)

    Bamboo Flute Player: Haruhisa Hosei

    Musical Director: Juan Baya

    Cast: Eiko Aizawa, Terumi Imai, Yoko Imanaka, Toshie Ozawa, Izu-mi Koori, Kikuyo Sato, Yoshiko Shimizu, Kazuko Nabekura, Izumi Harano, Masao Hirabayashi, Fuji Mikage, Harumi Yamamoto, Eita Ikebe, Sachi Tanaka, Rin Terada

    Theatrical performances: May 22nd and 23rd, 2021
    (Performance on the 23rd was filmed without an audience)

    Taishido Hachiman Shrine, Setagaya and vicinity
    1st point:Meeting point
    Venue:Nishi Taishido Park
    2nd point:transit point
    Venues:Various locations around Taishido, Setagaya Ward
    3rd point:Final point
    Venue:Taishido Hachiman Shrine outdoor special staged Online Streaming of Performance record video
    Period:August 14th – September 20th, 2021

    Ticket price:
    General ¥ 3,000, 25 years old or younger ¥ 2,000 , high school students or younger ¥ 1,000 , elementary school students or younger free (Advance sale / same day) Persons with a disability certificate are ¥ 2,700 and one attendant is free

    Online Streaming of “The Speed of Light” Film

    Period: May 12th–31st, 2021

    Directors:Marco Canale, Juan Fernández Gebauer, Ignacio Ragone

    Online Streaming of Performance Record

    Period: August 14th – September 20th, 2021

    Tokyo Metropolitan Government
    Arts Council Tokyo
    (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
    Planned by:
    Marco Canale (Argentina)
    Embassy of the Argentine Republic, City of Setagaya
    Taishido Hachiman Shrine, Taishido 5-chome Community Association, Daikanyama Teens Creative
    Production Management:
    syuz’gen LLC