Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL Special 13



World Performing Arts Festival 2020

A festival that brings together intangible cultural heritage from across the globe.
Gathering together traditional culture and performing arts that have been passed down the generations in various parts of the world, this project will seek to communicate the significance of cultural diversity and coexistence through intercommunication, helping to ensure that culture is passed on to future generations. Performers from Japan’s Tohoku region and from all five continents will be invited to take part, amplifying its message on the value of intangible cultural heritage.


  • Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL Special 13 Projects have been postponed
    Decision made due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus and the postponement of the Olympic & Paralympic Games

    Date :
    Saturday, April 18 & Sunday, April 19, 2020 *Postponement

    Venue :
    Hibiya Park: Open-Air Concert Hall, Small Concert Hall, Grass Field (Kusachi Hiroba), Fountain Field, and other venues (Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo)

    Event details :
    Same schedule on both days (TBC) 
    * Performance on, rain or shine
    • ○ Yaon Stage(Open-Air Concert Hall )
      Contents: Performances by 6 foreign groups and 4 domestic groups
    • ○ Interaction Stage(Small Hall)
      Contents: Interactive presentation by the performers from the various countries
    • ○ Ethiocolor Live Performance Stage(Grass Field )
      Contents: Interactive presentation by the performers from Ethiopia
    • ○ World Performing Arts Parade(Fountain Field – Second Flower Garden )
      Contents: Parade by the performers from the various countries

    Admission :
    Free (Only the Open-Air Concert Hall requires advance reservation, which can be done via reply‐paid postcard or the official website)

  • Organizers :
    Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)

    (TBC) :
    The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, The Embassy of the Republic of Estonia, The Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, The Embassy of the Kingdom of Tonga, The Honorary Consulate General of the Kingdom of Bhutan in Tokyo, The Embassy of the Republic of Honduras, Iwate Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture, Fukushima Prefecture

    Cooperation :
    Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten Co.,Ltd.

    Planning and
    production :

  • Participating
    Groups :
    • ①Saman, Traditional Dance of the Gayo
    • ②Seto Leelo, Seto polyphonic singing tradition
       ÕIÕ SETO, Estonia
    • ③The Multi-Ethnic Performing Arts in Ethiopia
       Ethiocolor, Ethiopia
    • ④Lakalaka, dances and sung speeches of Tonga
       Tonga Cultural Performing Arts Group, Tonga
    • ⑤The Yak Dance of Eastern Bhutan
       Merak Performing Arts Group, Bhutan
    • ⑥Dance and music of the Garifuna
    • ⑦Gyozanryu Sasazaki Shishi Odori: Gyozan School Deer Dance of Sasazaki
       Gyozanryu Sasazaki Shishi Odori Hozonkai, Iwate Prefecture
    • ⑧Akiu no Taue Odori: Rice Planting Dance of Akiu
       Yumoto no Taue Odori Hozonkai, Miyagi Prefecture
    • ⑨Jangara Nembutsu Odori: Jangara Buddhist Incantation and Dancing
       Iwakikaisei High School Team “Jangara,” Fukushima Prefecture
    • ⑩“Wadaiko: Japanese Drum”
       Nippon Taiko Foundation Tokyo Chapter/Oedo Sukeroku Taiko/Tokyo
       Deaf Taiko Club “Koyu-kai”, Tokyo Metropolitan


Japan Folk Performing
Arts Association

Various folk entertainments passed down through the generations in each part of Japan are important cultural assets of which we should be proud and which belong to each and every one of us. The Japan Folk Performing Arts Association is the only nationwide organization of its kind, whose membership consists both of groups dedicated to preserving folk entertainments and individuals with an interest in those forms of performing art. The Association seeks to preserve and promote folk performing arts in local communities across the country by holding folk entertainment performances, cultivating instructors and preservation groups, and engaging in international exchange. As such, it will undertake a project aimed at contributing to the promotion and development of Japanese culture.

World Performing Arts Festival 2020 Office
(inside the Japan Folk Performing Arts Association)