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After-school Diversity Dance

The After-school Diversity Dance (ADD) is a project to cultivate children’s understanding of local society and cultures through a dance workshop series by local and professional dance practitioners. The project concludes with the performance of dance pieces choreographed by the participant children.

Professional choreographers active in various dance genres in three regions of Tokyo will support the children perform their ideas and bring attention to the cultural diversity found within the community.


  • ■Schedule

    April 2019: After-school Diversity Dance staff have started researching dance culture in each region.
    September 2019-June 2021: Around ten workshops to be held for children selected.
    Children and choreographers to create their original dances.

    ■About the three locations where the project will be implemented

    1. Minato-city
    Many embassies from around the world can be found in Minato-city, a region where people from many nationalities co-exist. The workshops began at the “Minato-ku Azabu Kids-to-Teens Hall” from the end of November 2019. The children will be able to experience a wide range of dances, including traditional dances from around the world to modern styles as well. Kikunojo Onoe, the director of the dance creation, choreographs also new Kabuki dances as the head of Onoe Ryu Dance School.

    2. Kunitachi-city
    Kunitachi is an educational district with various universities and home to many residents who are interested in cultural diversity. Around 25 children are taking part in the workshops and have been experiencing various dances at the “Kunitachi Community Arts Center” since the end of September 2019. Osamu Jareo, the director of the dance creation, is a contemporary dancer/choreographer who has been active in contemporary dance since the 1990s.

    3. Hinode-town
    Hinode-town, which is located in Okutama, has abundant nature and home to many local and traditional performing arts. The workshop, which began in early October 2019, has been carried out at the “Hinode Town Shimo-cho Children's Center” and the “Hinode-machi Yamabiko Hall” where approximately 20 children have been experiencing various dance styles. Koharu Sugawara, the director of the dance creation, is a professional dancer. She has been active internationally with her unique dance styles and has performed on major TV programs.

    Tokyo Metropolitan Government
    Arts Council Tokyo
    (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
    Minato City Azabu Regional City Office (ADD Minato-City)
    Kunitachi Arts and Sports Foundation (ADD Kunitachi-City)
    Hinode Town (ADD Hinode-Town)
    Planned by:
    ADD Executive Committee